Our History

Pine Ridge Automotive was founded in the spring of 1998 by Mark and Joanne Graves with a commitment to provide quality service at an affordable price. Mark, a licensed mechanic and experienced service provider, was the only technician for a while working out of a small garage. In the fall of 1998, Mark and Joanne were presented with an opportunity to purchase a local towing company, so in the spring of 1999, Pine Ridge Automotive and Towing was born. Three employees were added, and through hard work and determination, Pine Ridge Automotive and Towing grew steadily year after year.

Believing that, if you stop looking forwards, you go backwards, we continued to set our sights on new goals. In 2002, Pine Ridge Automotive added a heavy truck bay and a heavy truck licensed mechanic and started to provide a much-needed heavy truck service in the area. Meanwhile, our continued growth in the towing field saw us add our first 30 ton fully-hydraulic heavy duty wrecker. We expanded even further by adding an environmental division. This was a natural fit with the towing and recovery business as we were able to provide initial containment and continue with remediation. For the first time, the Northshore and the Algoma District had a full-service company that could provide emergency response, towing, and full environmental services.

In 2011, Mark and Joanne purchased a fleet of tow trucks in Sault Ste. Marie and Pine Ridge Services was established.

Our Team & Fleet

Our staff now consists of 3 licensed mechanics, 3 apprentices, and 8 full-trained tow truck drivers. In addition, our fleet is comprised of:

  • 1 45-ton heavy wrecker with a three-stage boom and slider.
  • 1 30-ton heavy wrecker with integral under reach.
  • 1 highway tractor and landoll trailer.
  • 1 5-ton medium duty tilt and load with a 26′ deck.
  • 2 3-ton medium duty tilt and loads with 21′ decks.
  • 1 3-ton medium duty wrecker.
  • 5 1-ton light duty wreckers.
  • 1 26′ first-response traffic control and environmental trailer.
  • 1 9000lb forklift.
  • 1 30′ portable light tower.
  • 1 full set of air recovery cushions.
  • 1 304 mini excavator.

Why Pine Ridge?

While there are many fine towing and recovery options out there, we feel that we are the best as we provide a large variety of up-to-date equipment, and a staff of experienced drivers who undergo continuous training to make sure they staff at the top of their game. We are the primary contractors to CAA and Allstate. We also provide roadside assistance for other companies, such as Canadian Tire, PDG, Sykes, and many others.